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We are a rare group of people that understand how to make your web project a success. Your business goals are our check marks that balance everything we do for you. Graphic design is done to achieve your business goals, not to win awards for our art. Programing is applied with a minimalistic approach to provide you with what you need, not because someone thought it would be cool.

You want results, we want results, period.

Website Graphic Design

A good website speaks to your audience in both words and pictures. Ideally the pictures will not just look good but will elicit an emotional response from your audience.  Marketing 101, people buy products and services based on feelings/emotions. We know this is true and the websites we create for our clients reflect it.

Site Architecture and Planning

This is one of the most important steps in creating an EFFECTIVE website that sells your products and services or informs your audience (depending on your business goals) . We plan where to put key information on your website so that it's easy for your visitors to find and also highlights information that YOU WANT them to find.

Content Auditing - Development and Writing

This step overlaps with Site Architecture and Planning but focuses on developing key messages and content.    We review any preexisting marketing material looking for useful messaging and text that can be used for the new website. The audit process tells us what messaging and content you need, and what you already have. From this information the content for the website will be created or augmented as needed.

Site Architecture Design

Once the planning is done we can put together the framework of your website. Much like building a house you now have a blueprint from the Site Architecture and Planning step, now you are going to create the frame all the rooms (pages of the site).

Site Production

Now that the framework is done we can add in all of the text and supporting images to each page of the site. Going back to the house building metaphor it's time to paint, lay carpet and decorate.

Application and Database Design

If your website needs a storefront, or if you need to provide your clients with some sort of self service options then chances are you need a web application.  Simply put you need the coding/programing to put data in, take data out, and maybe run some sort of calculations on it. You also need a database to house the data. We have 16 years of experience in designing web applications ranging from the very simple to the very complex.

SEO Planning

If you need to attract new clients from Google, Yahoo, or one of the other web search sites then your site will require SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To put it in human terms you have to do extra work to make it so that people will find your site when they search Google, Yahoo, etc... The first step to SUCCESSFUL SEO is planning. What are the keywords/key phrases people will search for to find a business like yours? What will it take to compete for those keywords? What are the keywords that you haven't thought of that are EASIER to compete for?  What does it cost per lead for you to get a client? What is a reasonable budget for this?

SEO Implementation

When the planning is done it's time to start on the work. This typically requires modification of and addition to the content of your website. It may also involve negotiating placement of ads/links (both free and paid) on other appropriate sites. It may also require bloging on existing sites or by starting one of your own.

SEO is not a one time thing that you do and never have to think of again. Regular monthly monitoring to measure your results and update your plan to meet your goals is a requirement for successful SEO.

Our Strateja website had an immediate and positive impact on our bottom-line. Right out of the gate, we landed an important restaurant design job. Having searched the Internet looking for local companies, this new client chose us because of our website and online presence. We continue to receive rave website reviews, including “it’s a kick-ass website”. Strateja is exceptional and working with them to design and develop our website has proven to be the right choice."

Lou Ann Wolz—Marketing and Human Resources, Gateway Restaurant Supply

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