Strateja & MerHan Associates are Business Consultants. But in a world filled with vague sounding titles, what does that mean?

We are Business Magicians

But our solutions aren’t illusions. From Web solutions to business development to organizational communications, we are here to transform your business into the best version of itself, in a proactive, sustainable way. In these shaky economic times, only strong businesses will survive. So the question then is not whether you can afford to work with us. It’s “can you afford not to?”

We are Business Doctors

We evaluate your symptoms (even those you may not know you have), partner with you to diagnose your business problems, suggest a holistic course of treatment (unlike “niche” consultants who only work with one facet of your business and create lop-sided change) until you have achieved robust business health in every sector and system.

We are Business Conductors

Just like in a good orchestra, it is of utmost importance to bring in the most talented people to play in harmony with one another. We have established a strong network of relations with the very best contractors in a variety of disciplines whose quality of work, reliability and integrity we know and trust. No more need for you to wander through the Yellow Pages trying to figure out how to find a decent Web developer, graphic designer or PR specialist. We oversee, or "conduct" all internal and external efforts to work in concert with one another hassle-free, so you are freed up to do what you do best – running your business.

We’re Business Consultants

We’re Strateja & MerHan Associates. Read "How We Help & What We Do"

Our Strateja website had an immediate and positive impact on our bottom-line. Right out of the gate, we landed an important restaurant design job. Having searched the Internet looking for local companies, this new client chose us because of our website and online presence. We continue to receive rave website reviews, including “it’s a kick-ass website”. Strateja is exceptional and working with them to design and develop our website has proven to be the right choice."

Lou Ann Wolz—Marketing and Human Resources, Gateway Restaurant Supply

How can we help you?

Every company has different opportunities; Call Strateja at 503-639-2727 or Email us now for a complimentary quick assessment and solutions session.

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