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Top Five Secrets of Super Successful Sales Professionals

(by Thomas J. Leonard)

 The top five percent of all sales professionals seem to have most of the following traits, qualities, styles and attitudes. I’ve included the corresponding traditional selling skill in parentheses. Obviously, these five secrets go the next step beyond the traditional way of describing them.

 1.      They have an obvious and compelling passion for people, not just for the products and services. 

 (Old: They really believe in the product or services)

 Super Sales Professionals care so much for people and helping them to solve their problems that the buyers feel it. It is not an act, it is a calling.

 2.      They have the ability to help the prospective customer feel enthusiastic.

 (Old: They find pain.)

 The Super Successful Sales Professional doesn’t just look for the hot buttons as a way of getting the person to buy. Instead, they help to create the possibilities that excite the buyer.

3.      They have the willingness to sell to the buyers’ buying strategies instead of using a collection of selling techniques and hoping for a connection.

(Old: They use a technique that works for the customer.)

This requires a certain humility because the Super Successful Sales Professional makes the buyer more important than the Super Successful Sales Professional’s collection of selling skills. Buyers have their preferred ways to purchase; get to know them in general and quickly discover the preferred way your customers buy.

4.      They have the ability to discern who is going to be a buyer and who is not.

(Old: They have the ability to qualify prospects quickly.)

Super Successful Sales Professionals have a sixth sense that helps them to distinguish    between tire kickers and real buyers. This sixth sense can be developed and saves a lot of time and frustration when mastered.

5.      They have the ability to match the exact features of the product with the real need of the clients.

(Old: Sell the sizzle, not just the steak.)

No buyer cares about all the features and benefits; they usually only care about one or two of them. Your mission: Sense, feel or discover (by asking questions and assessing the situation) the key benefits that turn the discussion into a sale quickly.

Important: It is not always what the client says he wants that he actually needs.


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