About Our Company

Strateja & MerHan Associates (“SMA”) was formed in July 2009 as a collaborative partnership between Strateja-XL, Inc. and MerHan – Strategic Consulting and Coaching, LLC, in strategic business consulting and coaching dedicated to providing comprehensive management consulting services to start-up and emerging small businesses as well as small and mid-size businesses in transition.  
SMA takes a holistic approach when evaluating businesses situations to identify the root causes of the challenges experienced. Recommended solutions are conceived and short-term action plans implemented with business coaching support to start moving the client’s company forward.  

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Every company has different opportunities; Call Strateja at 503-639-2727 or Email us now for a complimentary quick assessment and solutions session.

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D'amore and Associates was already a fantastic firm... and now they have increased visibility, improved systems, and quicker easier client support. They now experience the benefit of powerful traffic on their website. They are saving money, saving time and increasing business growth!


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